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About Readings with Susan

What is the difference between Medium & Psychic readings?

A medium reading is when I connect to a loved one or friend who has passed away. I will provide evidential information to help you identify who I am connecting with. This evidential information can include things like, personality, physical features, manner of passing, along with other information.  I can not guarantee who will come through. Our loved ones still have choice as to whether or not they come through in a reading. These readings also include messages from your loved ones.

A psychic reading is when I tune into you and your energy or auric field to interpret and provide information I receive regarding your past, present, and potential future. Clients will often focus on themes for psychic readings such as career, finance, family, relationships, etc. Sometimes, clients may have questions regarding specific issues they are experiencing.  These readings are done with cards such as Tarot and Oracle decks or without cards using my senses and mind.

Types of Readings I offer

Mediumship Readings

A medium reading is when I connect with a loved one or friend who has passed away. I will provide information that allows you to identify with who I connect with. My role here is to be the messenger so that you may receive not only evidence of who I connect with but also any messages they want to communicate to you during the reading. These are beautiful sessions filled with healing, love, forgiveness, peace, and sometimes humor. I can’t force a specific loved one to come through during a reading. Our loved one still have a choice as to whether they come through in a reading.

Psychic Readings (without cards)

A psychic reading is when I tune into your energy field and provide intuitive information that comes through without using any cards. This information can be about your past, present and potential future. I receive information through using my senses such as seeing, knowing, hearing and feeling. I can’t explain how I know things about you or your personality, hopes, needs, and sometimes dreams just know it comes intuitively. You may choose a direction or theme for me to focus on like career, finances, family, relationships, etc to provide general guidance. I do not use cards with this psychic reading.

Psychic Card Readings

A psychic reading is when I tune into your energy field and provide information that comes from reading cards intuitively. This information can be about your past, present, and potential future. We can use Tarot cards that consist of a 78 deck with various meanings for each card. We can also use Oracle cards which are more defined in their meaning. These are messages that you need at the time of the reading. Please keep in mind you are in control of your life and should not be bound by any reading.

Psychic Readings with a Photograph

A psychic reading by photograph is done by me viewing a photo of either yourself and or a passed loved one. I do not read living people without their permission. Photos are sent via email. I will tune into the person in the photo and begin to write all that I receive intuitively. I will also provide any messages that come through for the recipient from their Guides and Angels. Sometimes, this can be a mix of both psychic and medium readings.

Lipstick Reading

Time for Kiss & Tell!!
Have you had your palm read, cards read, or tea leaves read? Here’s something different and a perfect way to have an intuitive reading by me just for yourself! Grab your favorite lipstick, glide it across your lips, pucker up and show me your Kiss!

Imagine having your lipstick imprint read from a notecard…
If you’re asking how it’s possible, so do others and all I can say is – It IS Possible.

Lipstick Readings are a great way to have an intuitive reading and discover who you really are! I will use my psychic senses to “read” your lip imprint. I will use my ability to feel, see, and know as I look at your lipstick imprint. I’ll tell you things about yourself that you may already know but may confirm after the reading. Other times, there will be little secrets about you that can be revealed like she’s a great singer in the shower but hasn’t told anyone!

During these readings, you’ll find tender moments, funny aspects of yourself, little secrets that pop out, what your desires, hopes and fears are, and more! I’ll provide the notecard, you bring your favorite lipstick and once you create your signature Kiss, the reading begins!


How do I connect?

During readings I can receive information and messages regarding the past, present and future. My abilities include various senses. I can experience some or all the following when receiving information:

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting)
  • Clairsentience (clear physical feeling)
  • Clairsalience (clear smelling)

Can you bring a specific Loved one through during the reading?

Your loved ones and friends have choices to communicate with us just as they did while here. No medium in my opinion, can guarantee a specific loved one can come through during a reading. I will ask you to open your heart and invite your loved ones in during the reading.  Just know the ones that do choose to connect with you during a reading are the ones that are supposed to. They may not be the one you want but the one you need to hear from.

What do I need to know when you contact me?

Please do not share details of your Loved Ones and friends with me prior to the reading. Spirit wants to have the opportunity to give you and I the messages they want to give. Therefore, I prefer not to know details of your passed loved ones prior to a reading. If I do not contact you by telephone to schedule it is because of these reasons. It is not meant to be unfriendly.

Susan Shuster is one of the best psychic mediums that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

She help me contact someone I never had the chance to meet but knew my whole life was with me. She truly is remarkable. Thank you so much.

Kimberly C.

Susan Shuster is a psychic medium in St. Louis, Missouri. Serving the St. Charles, O’Fallon, & St. Peters, MO areas.

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