How to Prepare for Medium & Psychic Readings

Tips for being ready for your psychic or medium reading

In order to receive the most out of your psychic mediumship reading experience come open without expectations.  Do not attempt to control the process or information that you want to come through but instead be open and receptive to the process.  This is not an exact science or perfect communication.  I will act as an Interpreter based upon the information I receive in a reading.  If you come with a mindset that you want specific information to prove your Loved one is here or that I'm truly connected, you actually miss out on the healing messages and evidence/information the Spirit Realm wants you to have.  Resistance will deteriorate your experience quickly.  Resistance comes from a number of things. 

The most common forms are the following:

  1.  Very Specific Info:  such as a code word, confirmation of an unknown situation, etc. from your Loved One in Spirit
  2. Grief:  Some come believing they are ready to receive a message, however, grief can impede the full experience and you may need more time to grieve in order to receive.
  3. Desperation:  Some clients may come to a reading thinking they are open and ready to receive, however, they actually have a deep sense of desperation and this can impede them from having a full experience.
  4. Deep Skeptics who are closed with their energy.  Mediums can not always push past a client whose energy is closed off.

I say, "It may not be what you want but it will be what you need".   Trust and Surrender to the experience!

Be open and focused -- to not only the evidence that comes during the reading but also to the process. Not all information is literal. Mediumship and psychic readings are not an exact science.

Give me your full attention -- by sitting still and remain focused on the reading only. Please do not work, walk around, talk with others during the reading. Find a quiet place and be still during the reading for best opportunity to receive messages.

Have good intentions -- to receive whatever may come during your reading. Skeptic or not, come with good intentions to the reading.

Breathe -- just relax and enjoy the information that is being delivered. I suggest you relax a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Take notes -- you may take written notes during the reading. NO RECORDING is allowed at this time unless it's via Zoom.  (Do not record without my permission or knowledge.) Some information you receive during a reading you may not be recognized until later. You may need to check with other family members/friends to validate information that comes through in a session.  You may not recall the information mentioned in a reading until afterwards.  This is why it’s important you take notes.

Trust -- in Spirit and me. Let go and trust the process. Have no expectations.  Do not test the process but Surrender to it.  Allow your Loved one to guide us and have their time to run the session, not you nor me.

Enjoy -- the messages and connections that come forth during your reading are for you.


I invite you to schedule your reading with me!

Once I receive your information, I will contact you via text or email to schedule an appointment either phone, video chat or in person.

I prefer that you do not provide me with too much information if we speak by telephone. I want the reading to come from Spirit or intuitively.

Please be sure to read the policies before you book your reading.

Susan is truly An Amazing Psychic Medium!

She is very sweet and caring. I have went to several of her events and had a couple private readings. I am blown away with all the details and information she gives. I feel so blessed to be able to connect and actually talk through her with my loved ones.

I will continue to connect with my loved ones with Susan. I highly recommend her, You will not regret meeting her!!!

Billie P.