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How to Prepare for your Reading

Tips for being ready for your psychic or medium reading

Be open and focused -- to not only the evidence that comes during the reading but also to the process. Not all information is literal. Mediumship is not an exact science.

Give me your full attention -- by sitting still and remain focused on the reading only. Please do not work, walk around, talk with others during the reading. Find a quiet place and be still during the reading for best opportunity to receive messages.

Have good intentions -- to receive whatever may come during your reading. Skeptic or not, come with good intentions to the reading.

Breathe -- just relax and enjoy the information that is being delivered. I suggest you relax a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Take notes -- you may take written notes during the reading. NO RECORDING is allowed at this time. Some information you receive during a reading you may not be recognized until later. This is why it’s important you take notes.

Trust -- in Spirit and me. Let go and trust the process. Have no expectations.

Enjoy -- the messages and connections that come forth during your reading are for you.


I invite you to schedule your reading with me

Once I receive your information, I will contact you via text or email to schedule an appointment either phone, video chat or in person.

I prefer that you do not provide me with too much information if we speak by telephone. I want the reading to come from Spirit or intuitively.

Please be sure to read the policies before you book your reading.

Susan Shuster is one of the best psychic mediums that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

She help me contact someone I never had the chance to meet but knew my whole life was with me. She truly is remarkable. Thank you so much.

Kimberly C.

Susan Shuster is a psychic medium in St. Louis, Missouri. Serving the St. Charles, O’Fallon, & St. Peters, MO areas.

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