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St Louis Evidential Medium, Susan Shuster

Medium readings with evidence are when I connect with friends and loved ones who have passed away to bring you evidence and healing messages.

During a reading, your loved one in Spirit will provide me with information that provides some form of evidence for you to recognize.

Often, our loved ones in Spirit, want to let you know they are still with you.

Moreover, they want to provide you with messages needed for healing purposes for you and sometimes they will need it themselves in Spirit.  Some have regrets and want to apologize for something in particular.

I learned a long time ago that healing takes place on both sides.

Yes, that’s correct, your loved ones who have passed away often need healing as much as you do.

Quite often I find the healing is mutually received during a reading.

Other times, your passed loved ones will provide heartfelt messages they were unable to convey during their lifetime.

Some passed loved ones will provide information or evidence that they are still around you. Other messages may include asking for forgiveness, to let you know they love you, or they’re supporting and guiding you.

Evidential Medium Readings in St Louis

These are a few examples of what you may experience during an evidential mediumship reading.

Reasons to book an Evidential Mediumship Reading

As we know, the loss of loved ones and friends can be difficult for most of us.The grief at times can be unbearable and the desire to connect or reunite is insurmountable. We may often think we are receiving signs from them but are not certain. Believe me, they are with you.


If you are looking for validation that your loved ones or friend is still with you, then perhaps a reading with evidence is for you.

Reasons to have a medium reading with evidence includes:

  • to find closure
  • grief from the loss of a loved one
  • validation of signs you may be receiving from your loved ones and friends that have passed
  • unresolved conflict or trauma that needs to be healed
  • curiosity or a peace of mind knowing they are ok and at peace

About Your Evidential Mediumship Reading


Working as a Medium is not an exact science and not all information provided to me is literal. Quite often, your Loved Ones will provide me with symbolic information.  Therefore, my role is an interpreter and at times may need you to work with me to fully understand what they are conveying to us.

My role is to be the vessel and to communicate these messages from your loved ones to the best of my ability. When I work with Spirit you must remember everyone communicates differently. If they were quiet during their lifetime, chances are they will be the same during a reading in Spirit. If your Loved One had a sense of humor while living they can also display that humor during a reading.

In my experience, our passed loved ones personalities remain just about same as when they were living.


How will I know who is coming through at my mediumship reading?

Often, Loved Ones who have passed will share information with me about their passing, memories, small details about you or them, sometimes it may come in the form of words I use and or gestures.

My role is to provide you with messages that include evidence from your Loved Ones so that you can identify them and receive “evidence” that they are still with you.

During medium readings I can receive information related to the past, present and future from passed loved ones in Spirit.


How does an evidential reading work?

If you are wondering how I communicate with Loved Ones who have passed, I meditate before our session and say a prayer to connect. Then I receive information from Spirit that is communicated to me, the psychic medium, through various senses such as:

Clairvoyance or clear seeing

My clairvoyance is working when I see images, pictures, or visions in your mind or your third eye using your inner sight. I am seeing these images with my mind’s eye. I receive information from your Loved Ones while working Mediumistically or from Spirit Guides for psychic work.

These come in through images and or movie clips I see in my mind. Quite often, I see words in my imagination or mind.

Claircognizance or clear knowing

During readings I will just “know” things. This is the only inner sense that doesn’t have a matching outer/physical sense. Claircognizance is when I have thoughts that aren’t mine (meaning, you wouldn’t normally be thinking these thoughts and nothing triggered them), or when you just know something, and I don’t know how I know.

Information can just pop into my head as a knowing. The information just shows up as thoughts. Then I tend to speak them as if the words are falling out of my mouth. It’s when I know things and I don’t know how I know them, but I just do! It’s almost as if someone else is saying what I know.

Clairaudience or clear hearing

This one is interesting because it can be hearing a voice inside your head through your inner ears as if I’m silently reading or tuning into external noise at just the right moment.

It might sound like someone talking in your ear, only the sound is inside of your head. For me I often receive in my right ear. However, for some of my family members, they may hear as if someone in the room is speaking to them.

Clairgustance or clear tasting

At times I may receive a specific taste of something that provides you with additional evidence during the reading.

This is a sense that is less utilized for some. For me, I will often taste certain things, like alcohol – I will then know the Spirit I’m connecting with liked to drink alcohol. I can also usually tell what type of alcohol by the taste. Sometimes certain foods will suddenly sweep across my taste buds, but I’m not eating.

Clairsalience or clear smelling

I may also have a smell come through during a reading that provides you with additional evidence of your Loved One. I may begin to smell food, cigarettes, smoke, etc. that isn’t in my surroundings, but I suddenly am aware of these smells.

These smells often serve as evidence of the person that I’m connecting in with and foods they ate or whether they smoked or not. It tends to be less common than some others.

Clairsentience or clear feeling

Most importantly, I feel things during a reading – often know as a gut feeling.  It all begins with me feeling into the information I receive to provide an interpretation from Spirit to you.

Please be open for whomever comes through in your reading.

I cannot guarantee who comes through during a reading. Usually, it is the one who has the most important message. It may not always be the one you want but it is the one you need to hear from with the messages you need.

Mostly, I find the messages are all about Love. Your loved ones that have passed want to show, tell and give you love even on the other side. Because of this, I work best with those clients who have true intentions of connecting to their past loved ones to help with grief and healing.

I approach every evidential mediumship reading with love, compassion, and a respect for you and Spirit.

I am humbled to have the love and trust of my clients and more importantly, by Spirit during each reading. I feel I am closely connected through my work. I firmly believe this could only be Spirit’s work at hand which would allow me to serve others in such a healing way.

I invite you to book a reading for yourself or for another as a gift unlike any other. Please contact me to schedule your appointment and let the healing begin.

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