Psychic Parties & Special Events
Anywhere in the World virtually and in the Greater St Louis area

Parties are available online!   Check with me for the current status of any in-person event.

Susan Shuster is a psychic medium for parties and special events in the St Louis area

I offer a variety of private parties and events. Whether you want a small party with just a few friends or have a corporate event, fundraising event, Holiday, or Girls Night Out celebrations there are different options.  Send me an email with the details and we can discuss options that work best for you and your guest.  Contact me today!

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a date and time. (I do not offer private parties in locations with cats or smoking as I have severe allergies to both. If you smoke, have cats, or out of my travel area a Virtual or Online Party could be right for your event)

Fees vary depending upon location and number of participants.  A Travel fee may apply.  So gather up your friends and family and let's get together for a memorable time!

I offer a variety of psychic readings for parties!

There are several types of readings to choose from, depending on your event!

Mediumship Readings for a whole group are perfect for family gatherings who want to connect with the same person/persons.  This is not typically recommended for a "Fun Party atmosphere".  Individual mediumship readings are also an option, depending on the size of your group!

Tarot Card & Oracle Card Readings are perfect for corporate events, Holiday, Corporate, Birthday & Halloween Parties!

Lipstick Readings are perfect for Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers!

Readings without Cards are a fun way for me to tune into your energy without any tool other than my Intuition!

Psychic “Learning Party” are a fun, workshop style party to connect you with your intuition!

The Psychic “Learning Party” can be customized for you!


These types of parties include teaching your guests a few things such as:

Learn how to use a Pendulum to find clarity and guidance – comes with a pendulum, pendulum mat, handouts, small candle, customized hand-crafted incense burner, and an incense

Learn how to Clear/Sage/Bless a Home or Space – comes with a sage kit (smudge stick of sage, abalone shell, stand for shell, handouts, custom hand-crafted incense burner, and incense, a small candle

Learn how to Read Oracle Cards – comes with a beautiful deck of cards, a few handouts with instructions and easy spreads to practice (participants choose a deck at the party and keep them afterwards), additional items to be added are candle and a beautifully customized hand-crafted incense burner, and incense.

Learn how to work with your own Energetic Field - Susan takes you through several energy exercises to better understand how to work and feel your own energy.  This exercise also helps control how you connect to other people's energy.

Learn how to begin the practice of Meditation - you will learn the basics of meditation as Susan takes your group in a meditation prior to any of the other learning party options.  Susan will also discuss why and how meditation is significant developing your Intuition -

Prices vary depending upon items needed for the FUN workshop type learning. Additional items used in these party classes vary and can be adjusted accordingly. Participants will keep the items provided in the party kits. Supplies are limited and may be substituted or vary if necessary.


How do I book Susan for my psychic party or event?

Step One


Choose your preference for the location for the event.  If you are in my service area I can be there in-person depending upon the current situation with COVID.  Otherwise, we can always have an online party/event which is just as effective.  If not, we can come together through technology as an online party or meet at a coordinated location. 

Step Two

Reading Type

Choose what type of readings you and your guests want. 

You may choose an hourly Psychic Party rate or mini individual readings up to 15 minutes each either medium or psychic readings are available.  For psychic readings you can choose a variety from those with cards, without cards, rose readings, lipstick readings, and more! I will need to know ahead of time so that I can best prepare.

The other choice is to have a group Medium reading where I will bring forth random  participants’ loved ones in Spirit.  However, keep in mind Mediumship readings are not typically recommended for a "Party environment"  Not all participants will receive a message from their loved one who have passed away. 

Step Three

Complete the Contact Form

Complete the contact submission form. Provide the required information. I will contact you to finalize the details of your party or event.

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