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Psychic Readings are available online!

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A Psychic Reading is when I tune into your energy field and provide intuitive information that comes through regarding you and what is in your energetic field or aura.  This may include information regarding the past, present and potential future. I say potential because you are in control of your outcomes and I may tune into your current path with a particular situation, however, if you begin making different decisions, that will alter your outcomes.

If you have had experiences you can't quite understand or explain such as seeing repeating #'s, seeing Loved ones after they pass, having a knowing about people or situations, recurring dreams, feeling there has to be more to life, no longer interested in the drama in your life that once surrounded you...wanting more peace, feeling connected to nature and helping others, etc. you may also want to explore your spiritual path.  Some of these are indicators of a Spiritual Awakening.

You may want to understand some of your fears, obstacles or "knowing's" of things that you can't understand how or why.

Perhaps you simply need clarity and guidance in your life and can't for various reasons reach out to family, friends, or others.

These are just some of the reasons, you may seek a session with me.

During these readings, I receive information through using my senses such as seeing, knowing, hearing and feeling. I may also use cards during a psychic reading.

I can’t explain how I know things about you or your personality, hopes, needs, and sometimes dreams just know it comes intuitively. I do not use cards with this psychic reading.


During a psychic reading you can ask me to focus on certain areas of your life such as career, family, relationships, or health. (although, I am not a doctor providing medical advice or a diagnosis) I will tune into these issues and provide you information about your past, present, potential future, and or your personality or behaviors. I don’t know how I know I just do. No psychic knows everything or can predict the future we can only provide the information we receive.

I won’t tell you if someone is going to live or pass away and I don’t have the lottery numbers.

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Prepare for your psychic reading:

The best way to prepare is to have a few areas of your life narrowed down for me to focus on before the reading. Be open to the information. It may not resonate with you immediately, it may be later in a week, a day, a month, etc. Keep in mind you are also in control of your life and should never be bound by any reading. I will pick up on the current path from reading your energy as it is at the time of your session.  However, you always have the ability to alter your path and outcomes.

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Such an amazing Psychic Medium

the readings I have had with her are always full of so much healing and light. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking connection with their loved ones in spirit or intuitive guidance.

Patricia C.