Psychic Lipstick Readings
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Pucker up and give your best kiss!

Psychic Lipstick Parties in St Louis

Sit back as I describe what I see, feel and know about you from your lipstick imprint before you tell me anything!  

After revealing who you are, we can explore a bit about your past, present, and potential future as time permits – all of this from those luscious lip prints you’ve left on a notecard!  You can confirm at the end of the reading, however, some clients can’t help themselves and do it along the way!


Grab your favorite lipstick, glide it across your lips, and pucker up for your lipstick reading!

Have you had your palm read, cards read, or tea leaves read? Here’s something different and a perfect excuse to get a psychic reading.

After creating your signature Kiss on a notecard that I provide, all you need to do is to sit back and let me tell you all about what’s in store for you!

Lipstick readings are a guaranteed Fun & Top psychic reading pick for those looking to smile, giggle, bond with your inner-self, and allow yourself to hear all about your past, present, and what possibly lies ahead…

Lipstick Readings are a great way to connect with your inner self in a way that doesn’t require a ton of effort on your part.

It’s a reading filled with love and support as I read into who you really are! During these readings, you’ll find tender moments to share with others afterwards, hear about funny aspects of yourself, learn little secrets that pop out, and more!

Sometimes, lipstick readings will reveal potential love interests for you, secrets about the details of your wedding, more about the heart of your significant other, your hopes and dreams that you haven’t shared with anyone else, what makes your heart sing, what’s potentially coming up in your career, family, and more! Other times, loved ones who have passed away may pop in to say hello or give you a sign – usually it’s a quick hello.

These readings can be filled with happiness, joy, love, and tears as you all feel the love and support from your higher self as some of your most inner thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears are revealed! It’s a memorable yet beautiful time! Walk away feeling validated, a little more loved and bonded with your inner self!

So Pucker up Buttercup!! Here comes the Fun!

I would 100% recommend anyone to do a reading with Susan Shuster

Susan Shuster did a lipstick reading for me and everything she told me was spot on. I literally cried from some of the things she told me. She is amazing at what she does and I would 100% recommend anyone to do a reading with Susan Shuster.

Melinda H.

What is a Lipstick Reading?

I will use my psychic senses to “read” your lip imprint. I will use my ability to feel, see, and know as I look at your lipstick imprint. Often, I will tell you things about yourself that you may already know but may confirm after the reading. Other times, there will be little secrets about you that can be revealed like she’s a great singer in the shower but hasn’t told anyone! If time permits during the reading you may ask a question.

How does a psychic lipstick reading work?

Bring your favorite lipstick to the reading. I will provide a notecard for you. Next, you will lather on your favorite lipstick color onto those luscious lips of yours. Then, I will have you make a lipstick impression onto the notecard (no rules here on how you do it) for me to read. Finally, let the reading begin!!

What should I bring to my lipstick reading?

Bring your Favorite lipstick, lip gloss, etc. Also bring Love and Support for yourself during this reading.

Join me as we laugh, cry, and giggle together during the reading. I will be there to share and support you in this experience!

Your notecard becomes your keepsake of this Lipstick Kiss & Tell Reading. Use it to reconnect with your inner self many times as needed afterwards!

What do you say? Ready for a Kiss & Tell Lipstick Reading?


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Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Parties, Tweens & Teens, Family parties with Sisters, In-Laws, Cousins, Mothers & Daughters, and more! Psychic lipstick readings are fun for you and your girlfriends!