Psychic & Mediumship Readings with Susan

 Online psychic readings & mediumship readings from anywhere in the World!
Lipstick parties, mediumship parties, & psychic parties are also available online.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Evidential Medium Readings

A Medium Reading with evidence is when I connect or communicate with Loved Ones or Friends who have passed away. This happens by using my senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing, smelling and tasting to receive and provide these messages to you along with evidence of who I'm connecting with.

Clients often find these sessions to be healing in many ways from assisting with grief and various forms of trauma to self-esteem issues and more.


Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings include but are not limited to reading your energy for the past, present, and potential future, working with energy to assist your spiritual, physical, or emotional healing, and reading you to understand your Spiritual gifts and awakening process. I can also tune into various areas of your life such as family, career, finance, relationships, etc.

These readings can be very healing as well. These readings can leave you feeling inspired and happier. They can also assist in clearing emotional heaviness. The purpose is to leave you better than when you came!

Susan’s ability’s are truly a beautiful gift

I had been to a few psychic mediums before seeing Susan but never really felt I had gotten what I was looking for, and now I will never go to anyone else!

She is not only gifted through her ability to connect with spirit, she is also extremely compassionate, non judgmental and you can feel how much she cares about you and making the most of her time spent with you. After seeing her I had a sense of peace that I have not felt in years. Her services are truly priceless.

If you are looking for a psychic or medium or both, I would highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with this amazing woman!

Jenna G.

Book Susan as your party psychic in the St Louis area

Interested in booking a psychic for your private party or special event?

I offer private parties & special events from small groups to large events either held online or in-person in the St. Louis, St. Charles, and other surrounding areas.  I will try to customize an event to meet your needs as best as possible.  Choose the type of reading that works best for your event, including online events. Perfect for many type of events, from fundraisers, Halloween parties, family get togethers, to birthdays and Bachelorette parties.