I was born to use my abilities as an evidential medium to help others connect with Loved ones who have passed away.

Hello, I'm Susan! I'm a medium providing evidence and healing messages from your passed loved ones.

Susan Shuster, Evidential Medium

I have always been a psychic medium. I believe my family has remained open to their intuition and connection to Spirit most of their lives. It was as if we all thought this was normal for all families.  I've carried this thought throughout much of my life.  As a child, I recall having a deep inner knowing about the passing of loved ones.  Later on, I just knew people before they told me about themselves.  However, I also believe everyone has the ability to focus in on their intuition and further develop it.  We are all born with intuition but it's a matter of focusing in on it, developing it, and using it.


What is a psychic or mediumship reading?

(and other frequently asked questions about accurate readings)

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Not sure what the difference is between types of psychic readings? Maybe you thought it was the same thing? Well, let me help you understand. Psychic readings include information and messages regarding you and your past, present, and potential future (in the living) that I receive intuitively.  Medium readings are when I connect with a Loved one or friend who has passed away and provide messages and evidential information from them to you as the Medium.


How do I prepare for an evidential medium reading?


Before you come for a reading, I ask that you come with an open mind and heart.  If you are coming for a medium reading, please be open to whom ever comes through knowing it’s for your highest good.  It may not be who you want but it will be what you need.  If you choose a psychic reading be open to receive the information that comes to me intutitively.  Clients typically feel a sense of healing in psychic readings as well.


How do I book a reading?

To book an individual private reading, use the button below. Select the type of reading you want, a psychic reading, a lipstick reading, a card reading, a photograph reading, or a medium reading. Then follow the prompts to book your reading!

For private parties, special events, holiday parties, corporate events, family gatherings, etc., click below to go to the events request form. Fill out the information there and hit submit. I will contact you after receiving the email information!

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Susan is a caring, wise, & sensitive soul

After having several Tarot reading sessions with Susan, I came away simply amazed by how she's consistently and accurately able to guide me in my life's journey.

She seems so "in tune" with me. It's astonishing!

Her spiritual awareness and professionalism are the perfect compliment for everything you want in Tarot reading. Susan is a caring, wise, and sensitive soul.

Stephanie J.