As a multi-generational psychic medium, I know my work involves “healing” in some way.

- St Louis Psychic Medium Susan Shuster

Clients often say they experience a sense of healing during or after a reading.  With a strong calling to serve others, this work feels like home to me.

Whether you choose a psychic reading or an evidential medium reading, I am often humbled by the experiences I encounter as a psychic medium.  I’m deeply moved by my client’s trust.  More importantly, I am humbled by the loved ones in Spirit and the trust they afford me.

This trust allows me to connect to provide evidential information during readings. I feel having the trust of my clients, myself, and Spirit allows me to connect on a much deeper level. Therefore, I only ask that you come with the best intentions during an evidential medium reading or a psychic reading.


Susan is a very talented medium who brings heart-felt and accurate messages with ease, grace, and a lot of tact.

I really enjoyed her style full of light energy and just the right amount of humor sprinkled in. She brought through a lot of details that brought distant and some forgotten childhood memories back to the forefront of my mind.

The reading was so accurate that I could almost feel my Loved one being next to me during the reading! Thank you Susan for a wonderful gift!

Ally B.

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Perhaps you’ve been drawn to me to book a reading for yourself.  Maybe you know of a loved one or friend who needs a reading.  Perhaps you want to provide a reading as a gift for another family member or friend.  If I resonate with you then I invite you to book a session with me for a reading or a special event. 

I hope to provide guidance, clarity, healing, inspiration and light for you as well as create a loving and meaningful connection for you and Spirit.  I perform every reading with respect, love, compassion and humor when appropriate. 

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Susan Shuster is a psychic medium in St. Louis, Missouri. Serving the St. Charles, O’Fallon, & St. Peters, MO areas.

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