Spirit Art


How would you like to memorialize your Loved One with a beautiful portrait?

Susan Shuster, Psychic Medium, has partnered with her brother-n-law, Jim Shuster, Artist, to begin offering beautiful portraits of your Loved Ones who have passed away.

Each piece is customized for your liking. Submit a photo directly with your order including your choice of style or medium – whether it be watercolor, charcoal, pastels, oils, ink or pencil or a use of mixed mediums on a piece.

These beautiful pieces of art also make a great gift choice to a family member or friend.

Jim is looking to capture the special aspect of your loved one in the portrait. Therefore, direct communication with Jim is best for all information and details. He can be reached via email. Jim is not usually available via phone since he lives overseas. Your portraits will be shipped to you.


Artwork by Jim Shuster


About Jim Shuster, Artist

I am a creative freelancer with a unique style and telling the story of my client(s) is my passion. I combine different techniques and mediums to express the feelings of my clients in combination with my own interpretations.

My work with portraiture’s is a collaboration between artist and client. A portrait is for the beholder(viewer) an emotional experience, one that brings our emotion’s or those of the beholder to the surface whether it be that “look in the eye”, a “tilt of the head”, “strict gaze” or the “sensitivity and understanding” one exudes. Creativity and / or admiration is in the eye of the beholder. It is my goal regarding my approach, together with my sensitive nature, that my work personifies and magnifies the emotion and memories of the viewer.


As an artist my subjects range from portraiture, wildlife, landscapes and cityscapes.
My style is forever evolving. My work consists of using watercolor, charcoal, pastels, oils, ink or pencil and I am not afraid to use mixed mediums on a piece. I only use the highest professional quality paper, linens, and materials (mediums) available insuring that family and friends can enjoy it for decennia to come.

When working with oil paints I prefer water-soluble oil paints regarding nature, but I remain flexible to the preference of the client.

Creating this personalized moment together, gives the ultimate satisfaction.