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amazonite dragon

One of a Kind!

Don't miss out on this gorgeous and unique Amazonite carved Dragon!  I had this custom ordered just in time for Game of Thrones prequel, "House of the Dragon!"

Amazonite acts as a bridge between the heart and throat chakra which facilitates loving compassionate communication.  Helping one to deal with emotional challenges and relationship issues.  Soothing to the nervous system and dispels irritating and negative energies.  This stone produces a balancing energy; balancing the male/female energies and also fostering clarity.  Amazonite helps one to manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love.

Approximate Size 4.5"W x 3.25"H                 Price $125

Tax to be added for all Missouri residents.  Shipping and Tax not included in price listed above.  No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges.  All Sales are Final.  


gorgeous, high vibrational, & affordable

Amethyst Cluster Base Cut $42

Illuminate your Daily Vibe by choosing the right Crystal for you! If you feel drawn to it then, it must be for you! If you continue to circle back to the same crystal, then it’s callin’ you! The Universe knows what you need – you just have to listen to the signs and feelings you are receiving.

I receive new crystals on a regular basis.  Sometimes as often as monthly and other times sooner depending upon the inventory. If you don’t see something you like, ask. I do offer custom orders for clients and will do my best to obtain what you want within your budget if possible.

We offer crystals for every budget from a few dollars up to $100+!

Keep in mind that these are natural stones, minerals, and crystals that earth has created with natural flaws, cracks, lines, and imperfections, that’s why you love them – they’re unique just like you and me!

Want to see some examples of previously sold crystals? Please click here!

Crystals can be purchased during live events on Facebook. Click the button below for more information on how live purchases work!



pieces that speak to your heart


We offer jewelry from India, Mexico, Tibet, and Nepal, just to name a few places of origin. Some of our jewelry helps to provide a living for displaced women throughout the world. Some of our jewelry holds meaningful purposes and holds intentions for its existence. Our Tibetan and Nepali jewelry come with a small slip of paper that includes an understanding of what the piece means and stands for. We’ve got jewelry for him, her, they, and the kids!

We offer all types of mala bead bracelets and necklaces for both men or women and some that are completely neutral! These mala bracelets and necklaces vary from stones, to wood, to crystals, lava rock beads, some from the bodhi tree, and more. At times we keep a small number of rings in stock which are typically sterling silver and limited in sizes and styles. We have handmade charms. We have crystal charms in the shape of carved angel wings. We have Fun pieces for the kids from sea turtle bracelets to sea turtle necklaces, but they won’t last long. Once they are gone, their gone! Our beautiful jewelry holds purpose and meaning at an affordable price. We are always adding something new and different.

Want to see some examples of previously sold jewelry? Please click here!

Jewelry can be purchased during live events on Facebook. Click the button below for more information on how live purchases work!


Spiritual Goodies

decorate your sacred space


Looking from the good stuff to complete your Spiritual lifestyle or decorate your sacred space? Look no more! We offer a variety of items such as spiritual coffee mugs sure to put a smile on your face and a daily reminder of the lifestyle you are living. We offer custom handmade incense burners created in collaboration by a local artist and me! (you’ve got to see these!) These beautifully created ceramic feathers come in a few sizes and a variety of colors. Choose your own incense cones and you’ll find they are perfect for that relaxing area in your home, bathroom, office, or meditation space.

I’ve also partnered with another local artist to create customized high vibrational words etched onto her Soul Stones and small enough to carry with you everyday as a reminder of your intention, your purpose, your love, your Spiritual journey and more! These Soul Stones are made from colored glass and hand etched with special words of intention, inspiration, or encouragement created by me guided by Spirit.

As you live a Spiritual lifestyle, you’ll find you may be inspired to write. I’ve got the most beautiful leather and suede journals with handmade paper made in Italy. Looking for all things chakras? Look no further than here! We’ve got beautiful silk banners, charts, bracelets, prayer flags from Tibet and Nepal. Finally, we’ve got yoga inspired home décor items including wall hangings and more that come and go – we’re always adding something new! Smudge kits with beautiful and medium to large abalone shells, tripod stands, a large feather, and a hearty smudge stick of sage.

Inventory is always changing, come see what we’ve got! You never know what you may find! Perfect for gift shopping for that Spiritual person in your life.

Spiritual goodies can be purchased during live events on Facebook. Click the button below for more information on how live purchases work!


Card Decks

tarot, oracle, & more


We’ve got Tarot or Oracle decks one to surely call to your Soul!

At times, we may have something unusual such as inspirational decks or learning sets such as Tarot or Palm reading. We maintain a limited number of decks that are beautifully illustrated by a variety of artists and styles.

These decks are unopened and made available to you. If you don’t see something you like, ask, we do custom orders for those seeking out a particular deck. If it’s possible, we will obtain it for you.

Take a chance and see what the future holds for you as you learn to provide readings for yourself and or family and friends.

Card decks can be purchased during live events on Facebook. Click the button below for more information on how live purchases work!


Soulful Sets

spiritual gift sets for yourself & your loved ones

yellow crown purple bracelet and cards with fur

Need something that says, “I care” or “I’m supporting you in your Spiritual Journey”? Check out a variety of gifts sets for him and her in a variety of price ranges. We can also customize a gift set for you – give us a budget and we’ll put it together – heck we’ll even ship it out for you!

These gift sets include self-care items, such as handmade body butters, bath bombs, a variety of handmade soaps, books on various Spiritual topics, leather items such as book markers and shaving bags, to items to keep your nails in shape as you live a busy life! We can customize and add a crystal, piece of jewelry, etc.

Give us your budget and a starting place, we’ll finish the rest!

Soulful Sets can be purchased during live events on Facebook. Click the button below for more information on how live purchases work!


Spiritual Art

memorialize your Loved One with a beautiful portrait


Beautiful art portraits, customized for your liking. Submit a photo directly with your order including your choice of style or medium – whether it be watercolor, charcoal, pastels, oils, ink or pencil or a use of mixed mediums on a piece.

All Spirit Art pieces are created by Susan's brother-n-law, Jim Shuster, Artist.


How the Spiritual Shop works

Live pop up sales run on my Facebook page

I am currently in the process of finding another platform to house my crystal and metaphysical items for purchase. Once I’ve landed on a platform, I will announce it here and on my social media platforms.

You can purchase the crystals and other items in the Spiritual Pop Up Shop by:

Joining me on my Social Media LIVES to purchase during the LIVE SALES SHOWS. Follow me on my Instagram and Facebook pages and set notifications to tell you when I go live!

Requesting a custom order. If there is something you are seeking but we don’t currently have in inventory, drop us an email with what you are looking for and we’ll work to see if we can obtain that for you.

Requesting an item posted here or on my social media feed. Items featured on my social media feeds or on this page may still be available. Email your interest in a particular item you see here with the description, your contact information including name, email, and shipping address, and we will connect for the payment details. No guarantees that the items here are still available.

Contact me for Personal Shopping - To Schedule a Personal Shopping event with me, feel free to text or email me with a request. I will schedule based upon my availability. Payment accepted via Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal/Square. Shipping and taxes will be added once order is completed.

Shipments are mailed out within 2-3 business days. Tracking will be provided. You have the ability to purchase additional shipping insurance coverage with UPS if your order exceeds $100. We can connect for your shopping appointment via FaceTime, Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger Video chat. If you need to reschedule a shopping appointment, a 24 hour notice is required. If an appointment is missed without notice, you will lose the right for a personal shopping appointment and need to participate during a LIVE on social media. All Sales are Final. No Refunds.


What you can expect from the Spiritual Shop

My mission is to provide you, family, and friends with a continued connection to their Spiritual journey. As many embark on this new lifestyle, there is a desire to connect to our Spiritual self in every aspect of our lives. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find here for an affordable price!

With my Pop-Up shop, we can bring Spirituality into your physical life helping to inspire you, support you as you grow and expand, and surround yourself or family with purposeful things that make a difference.

If you don’t see something you like, drop me a note and let me know what it is you are seeking. Hopefully, the Universe will make it available so I can bring it to you in Divine timing!

These products and items including crystals displayed here provide you with an idea of previous items available for purchase. If you see something you like, feel free to shoot us an email to see if the item is still available for purchase.

- Susan