One on One Spiritual & Mentorship
with Susan

Take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams of expanding your Spiritual abilities

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This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and expand your Spiritual Gifts with me from the comfort of your own home via online mentoring.

My 1 to 1 Mentorship program is a beautiful way for you to access and leverage all my Spiritual training and years of professional business experience including start-ups at a fraction of the cost.

By working with me, you will save time and money in your development.  However, this is an investment of your time, energy, and money, so be sure you are ready to work hard and be pushed outside of your comfort zone.  We will hold a discovery session to discuss your specific needs and customize a plan around your goals.

Some clients come for their own personal growth and have no intentions of becoming a professional reader or healer.  If you would like to improve and deepen your abilities without pursuing a professional practice this is also for you.

You will be provided an individual plan and I will work with you individually not in a group setting unless your goals call for a group environment.

loving and kind

Having Susan as a mentor has been instrumental in helping reach the next level in my development. She is loving and kind and creates such a safe space to grow. I am forever grateful for her guidance.

Dezaray R.

What will I provide during your Spiritual Mentorship?

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  • Support, Community, Trust, and Love from one to another in truly understanding what you are experiencing
  • Insights into Overcoming your Limitations as a Psychic Medium or Spiritually Gifted individual
  • Laser Focus on the areas you want to improve as a Psychic Medium
  • Honest Feedback in a safe and encouraging environment designed to spur Confidence, Trust, and Growth
  • Customized Approaches and plans to help you achieve your Goals
  • Experience of having read 100's or even 1,000's of clients and how to address potential issues from working with clients
  • Experience of wavering Confidence in oneself - we've all been there but you can move past it and step fully into your Power.  I'll help you build your self-confidence in the process of using and trusting your Spiritual abilities and gifts
  • Save you Time in your Journey - My experiences will move you along and hopefully spare you from pitfalls I've encountered.
  • Business Knowledge and years of Entrepreneurship

My experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Spiritual Abilities Development Personal experiences in developing and understanding my own Spiritual gifts.  My goal is to move you along in your growth of your own development.
  • History of Readings and Healings Experiences of having read and performed healings to well over 1,000 people in a variety of settings, various personalities types, and reading types.
  • Understanding one size does not fit all Comprehensive exposure to a variety of teaching styles as a student of my own Spiritual Journey
  • In-depth Client Experience with 25+ years experience as an Entrepreneur building and maintaining working relationships including navigating difficult ones.
  • Practical Knowledge and strategic practices but also Intuition, Psychic, and Mediumship abilities
  • Working through Obstacles to assist  you as a Practitioner.
  • Comprehensive How-to Experience  including the support for Start Up  Practices.  This can include the nuts and bolts of opening your doors.  This may include  understanding and obtaining resources to Protect yourself Legally, Policies and Disclaimers for you or your services, to Websites on a Budget or Revamping your Brand all the messy details including Administration and Logistics, to  sessions that include Intuitive Strategic Brainstorming with Spirit guiding us during these sessions to Marketing, Hiring, Locations, and more.
  • Entrepreneurship from a young age of 17 Years with a successful track record through out my career with Small practice Start-Ups as my specialty.
  • Years of experience working with small, medium, and large organizations includes professionals from startups to established businesses and assisting in turning their businesses around, hiring, ,marketing to product research and development, creating services, to identifying resources to assist you in your start up or growth of your business.

amazing space & experience

Susan provides an amazing space and experience for students to learn about and put into practice new skills and abilities. I have truly learned so much, and gained so much confidence. I love the practice sessions they are always pushing us to try new methods expend our comfort zones and have lots of fun doing it. Susan's group's a perfect place for everyone to feel supported and feel safe and comfortable in stretching ourselves. Thank you Susan.


I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready to share these lessons with you!

During our time together, I will be providing you with a customized plan of learning, time to discuss your concerns including your challenges, answer questions you may have as we work together, mentoring, personalized exercises to assist in your development of your Spiritual Gifts - all in this one-on-one setting.

I will also assist you by identifying your greatest strengths and areas that need additional focus. I’ll provide suggestions for you to enhance these areas of opportunity. I may identify and address obstacles you face. You will be my only student during these sessions giving you all the attention customized towards accomplishing your specific goals.

Our first meeting will consist of a discussion to understanding your goals and develop a plan around improving or achieving these goals. During our time together, we may adjust our areas of focus and how we achieve this based upon your needs. We will meet weekly unless agreed upon by both parties otherwise.

Meeting sessions are based upon Susan’s availability.  Limited spaces are available.

Interested in more information?

5 Session / 5 Week Package
$1,595.00 via 3 part payment plan
$1,200 via pay in full (save $300!)

Individual Sessions

Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length and may vary from session to session. Mentoring is held online using Zoom. Mentee is expected to complete homework/practice exercises each week prior to our next session. The weekly homework assignments are an integral part of your progress.  Sessions can also be used answering questions you may have or addressing obstacles for your Spiritual Practice.  My Mentorship program also provides my years of small business and corporate to physician business consulting expertise for setting up and running a successful business practice.  This includes marketing, client, start up issues, and practice knowledge.

There are no refunds for missed appointments/sessions.
Makeup sessions are at the discretion of Susan Shuster and her availability.

I would trust no one other than Susan

I have studied under Susan for 3+ years taking her Psychic/medium instructional classes and practicing my abilities during Psychic circle. Susan is an incredibly talented mentor for individuals exploring their abilities. Her classes are well thought out and structured so that you can grow your abilities in a safe, comfortable atmosphere where it is everyone knows it is okay to be wrong. There are no wrong answers when trying to communicate with Spirit!

One of Susan's strongest mentor qualities is how much she cares and make herself available to help her students. In my opinion, doubt is the number one killer of newly developing abilities. Susan main point of emphasis is trusting ones abilities so the student can gain much needed confidence in what they are doing. Trust in the message, trust in what you are receiving!

Susan helps to develop that trust so you can confidently understand and convey the messages you maybe receiving. If you are looking to develop and understand your abilities, I would trust no one other than Susan Shuster!

Joe M.