Psychic Circle with Susan

Ready to Practice your Spiritual Gifts with Others?

Exploring your psychic gifts?


Would you like to deepen your Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumistic abilities?

Looking for a Safe and Fun environment where you are supported?

Are you seeking support and validation of your spiritual abilities to connect with others?

Maybe you are looking for a way to keep your Spiritual gifts in shape but aren't certain how to achieve this?

I designed Psychic Circle to support you!

Let's practice your natural Intuition together with exercises provided by me and watch it grow!

I look forward to Circle every week... it never disappoints!

I have been a member of Susan's Psychic Circle since Sept. 2022 and I plan on continuing as long as I can.

I have always known I had a gift but was afraid to explore it. I had an opportunity this past Summer to use this gift to provide comfort to a loved one. It was then I realized I needed to pursue this for that purpose, the help people. I learned of Susan through a friend and I as I reviewed her profile, it felt like a natural fit.

Through her mentoring, I have learned to reach out further than I ever would have on my own. She is able to help me through things that would otherwise be unclear, and it is through this understanding that I am able to trust myself and develop this gift. I look forward to Circle every NEVER disappoints!

Sharon C.

How does Psychic Circle keep your Third Eye in shape?

Psychic circle is a practice circle that meets weekly with others who want to exercise their intuition, psychic, and mediumistic abilities.

It's okay if you've never connected you can practice here in a safe place with others who will support you. This is a learning environment where it is safe to stretch, get out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, be supported by all, and grow into your abilities.

The weekly meetings of Psychic Circle are a great way to build, improve, and maintain your abilities through intuitive, psychic, and some mediumistic exercises provided to attendees by me. During sessions, you will receive validation from partners during practice sessions that will help strengthen your accuracy while growing your confidence. This is an open circle that includes breakout rooms for partner exercises as well as group exercises.

You will be given different exercises that focus on different areas of your Intuitive, Psychic, and some Mediumistic abilities. Zoom meeting info will be provided prior to start of class through a private Facebook Group. Check email including spam folders. A private Facebook Group will be available for attendees to connect and to provide class information as needed.

These sessions are held online using Zoom.
ALL LEVELS Welcomed from beginners to intermediate to advanced.
All Sessions for 1 Price.

Psychic Circle!

What is Psychic Circle? - This a practice environment online using Zoom with other students who are looking for a structured practice with exercises provided by me! This is a development circle where ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!  Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced

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WHEN:  Wednesday Nights
TIME:  7 PM - 8:30 PM CST on Zoom
DATES: August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
WHERE: Online via Zoom

If paying after the first of the month, please send a note with your contact info.
Look for an email from me in your junk/spam with a link to the Facebook Group for your Zoom link for Circle.

Practice Readings will be done with responsibility and respect. Readers commit to providing readings focused on the provided exercises filled with positivity and light. This is not a circle for Extraterrestrial readings, Dark or negative readings, astrology, palm readings, crystal balls, numerology, or Tarot readings.


How do I sign up for Psychic Circle?

You can join Psychic Circle by paying via  Venmo or PayPal.  Contact me if you need to pay a different method than listed.

Venmo link: @SusanShusterMedium

Paypal link:

Please include the month you are registering for (example, March Circle or Psychic Circle MARCH 2024) as well as your contact information, email address & cell phone number.

I need your email address in order to invite you to the Facebook Group where I post the Zoom links and I also require your cell phone number.

You are welcome to join after the 1st of the month.  If you miss the start of the month, email me to request to join @

What to expect from Psychic Circle:

I provide the intuitive/psychic and some mediumistic exercises and you just show up!  I'll pair you up with another student to practice and receive validation to help you grow your confidence, accuracy, and speed.

We'll use breakout rooms on Zoom for these practices with partners and small groups.  So much FUN!

No Homework, just an Hour and half each week of Fun and no Pressure environment.  ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!  Ages 18+

Does Psychic Circle meet every month?

Psychic Circle continues to meet throughout the year, however, some there may be some months that we will not offer Psychic Circle. Information about if Psychic Circle is meeting for the upcoming month can be found in the facebook group, on the calls, and here on the website!  We typically meet from January - May consistently and then a few times in the fall.

Ready to join us for Psychic Circle?