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Tarot card & oracle card readings in St Louis with Susan Shuster

Tarot decks contain 78 cards & oracle cards contain from 44 up to 80 cards in a deck.

With Tarot cards, there may be multiple meanings and those meanings can vary based upon other cards in relationship to one another within a spread. I will utilize my intuitive gifts and connection with Spirit Guides to deliver messages to you as a Tarot reading can rely on the reader’s interpretation or intuition heavily to define the meaning of the cards in a spread.

I hope to deliver messages to you in a way that provides you with a better understanding of your unique journey. I also deliver messages with compassion, love, sometimes humor, when appropriate, and respect for you and Spirit.

How do you know what the Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards in a reading mean?

With Tarot card readings, every card has its own defined meaning and does not vary. Oracle cards do not require the same amount of interpretation by the reader in my opinion.

With Oracle readings, clients can ask a question and the oracle cards can provide some type of wisdom and inspiration.

Spreads may include the past, present and future. Sometimes, a one card draw is used after a Tarot or Medium reading to clarify or add to the overall reading.

I will meditate prior to a reading and then during your reading I will connect with Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are disincarnated spirits, once human, but now assigned to you to help guide you and protect you. By guiding you they hope to protect you and help us to learn life lessons.

During card readings, I might use a combination of that include both Tarot and Oracle cards. I find that sometimes after a Tarot reading, including an oracle card is a great way to pull all of the information and messages together. At other times, drawing an Oracle card after Tarot will reinforce the messages that came from the Tarot reading. Some clients choose to use only a variety of Oracle cards and that’s ok too!


We all have the choice to change our outcomes

If you make different decisions or take different paths from where you were at the time of a reading, your outcomes can change.  Ultimately, you are in control of your life and your outcomes.  Never feel restricted by a reading.  You have the ability to make different choices which can impact your life and its path.


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Susan is the real deal

Susan is the real deal -- her reading was on key -- the messages were delivered with such grace -- I felt so at ease talking to her - a very gentle; kind; empathetic spirited person -- this may have been my first but not my last reading with Susan

Linda L.