Psychic Readings with a Photograph

Psychic Photograph Readings are available online!

Susan Shuster provides psychic readings in the St Louis area

Photograph Readings are a psychic medium service that I have been guided to provide to my clients. This is best described as what I’ve done naturally my entire life and is what I call, “reading people”.

As I interact with people I find that I  have a “knowing” about them.

I will use a photograph of you or a past loved one to receive psychic and mediumistic information.  Even if I happen to have an existing relationship with you in some capacity; I still receive information about you in which you may have never shared with me.

These readings can be intuitive consisting of past, present and future information about you.  I may provide messages from Spirit during these readings.  Overall, these readings  provide insights into who you are as a person as I look with permission into your soul.

Susan reads with such love

Love her. Susan reads with such love and compassion.
It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend calling her.

Michele B.

What’s required for a Psychic Reading with a Photograph?

For a Photograph Reading I will need to have a recent photo of yourself sent to me. After we book your reading you will email your photo to me. Once the reading is completed, I provide you with a typed written reading.

When requesting a reading you must be the person in the photo. It is best if you are the only person in the photo. I will “tune-in” to you on the photo, connect with you and Spirit and then the reading begins to flow.

I do not read those who are living without their direct permission. If they are living, they must make the reading request themselves.


What’s in a Psychic Reading with a Photograph?

Photograph Reading may include sensitive and or intimate information. It is very personal. It can be as if I am reading your Soul. I can feel your needs, and motivation or lack of motivation, sometimes your desires, hopes, and dreams. I can often tell certain personality traits about you by reading your photo.

I give you everything that I receive from the Photograph Reading. Sometimes, it may be symbolic, I may hear, see, know or feel information. Whatever I receive, I give to you. I just let the writing flow. I do not edit what I receive.

During these readings, information and messages from Loved Ones in Spirit and Guides may come forth with messages during the reading. These readings can be psychic and or a mix of psychic and mediumship content.


Why should I choose a Psychic Reading with a Photograph?

Whether this is your first experience in having any type of reading or not, this can be filled with validation, a status of your “state of affairs”, and a sense of healing.

If you are looking for clarity, this may be a reading for you. Perhaps you’ve had a Tarot or a Medium reading and want to explore another option, this can be for you.

I invite you to schedule a Photograph Reading today by contacting me and sending your photo in once payment is made. Photos sent without payment will not be returned nor read.

Photograph reading of a passed love one

Photograph Reading for a passed Loved One

I can also read a photograph of your passed Loved One or Friend. Based upon the submission of a photograph, I can provide a Photograph Reading of your Loved One.

This is more of a psychic reading of a Loved One that has passed away.