Special Event Readings


Looking for something different for your party or event?  I'd love to be a part of your celebration!  Transform your average event into a meaningful and memorable occasion by booking with me.  Gather your family & friends and let’s have a party filled with healing, love, laughter, tears of joy and more!  Let's give them something to talk about for months afterwards!

Keep in mind that while having a Psychic Medium party or event can be a lot of fun there can also be sensitive information that comes through in messages. Because of this, you may want to carefully consider what type of party you want.

For example, if very close friends and family are attending you might be comfortable with any and all information, messages, or evidence coming through during your event.  If not, you may choose to have mini-readings that are private instead and everyone receives their own messages.

Gather your family & friends and let’s have a Party filled with healing, love, laughter, tears of joy and more!

Choose your reading type

Group Mediumship Readings

This is where I connect with Loved Ones and Friends who have passed away by using my senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing, tasting, and smelling to provide messages and evidence that they are still with you.  Random members of the group may receive messages.

You might be most comfortable with this type of reading with family as in a family gathering or reunion also you may consider this option with close friends such as Girls Night Out parties due to the sensitive information that may come through in front of others in the group.

Not all members of the group will receive messages from loved ones and friends who have passed away.  However, many members of group readings report they do experience a sense of peace, join in feeling the healing that takes place, and find it entertaining at times.

Mini Psychic Readings

Mini readings are approximately 15 minutes in length and are private.  This may be best suited to ensure all of your party goers receive a message with privacy.  These readings can be psychic readings without cards or psychic card readings.

Psychic Readings (without cards) - I will "tune into" you and offer up information that I receive regarding your past, present, and future along with information about you that I wouldn't know any other way.  This free-style reading is done without using any cards or tools just my intuition.  I can focus on a theme such as, career, finance, family, your greatest need at the moment, etc.  I will not tell you the lottery numbers or if someone is going to die.  That's not how this works.

Psychic Card Readings - I can use a 78 card Tarot deck which is one form of divination that contains images, symbols, and meanings.  The reading of the Tarot cards is interpreted into potential outcomes related to your past, persent, and potential future.  This is a psychic reading using cards.

In addition, I will also offer Oracle cards.  Oracle cards vary in the focus and number of cards used.  The meanings of oracle cards are more definitive with less interpretation.  These cards are also a great way to wrap up a Tarot card reading with a final message.

If you only want to receive messages from Oracle cards that's an option also!  I can use various card decks to provide information surrounding an issue or question you may be asking.  This is a more straight forward reading with less interpretation required like in Tarot.  I will however, rely on my intuition and psychic abilities at times to add value to the messages.  This type of reading can answer some of your innermost questions.

Oracle card decks may focus on themes such as Self-Love, Career, Abundance, Life Changes, Asking your Spirit Guides, Angel Messages, etc.  Some of the Oracle cards I use focus on providing messages from Passed Loved Ones.  We can use a variety during your reading.

How can I prepare for the party?

Come without expectations.  Be open-minded and an open heart for whomever chooses to step forward to provide messages during a Medium Reading.  For Tarot and Oracle, be open to the messages that come through knowing you always have choices and are in control of your life and it's outcomes.  These are messages you need to hear at this time, however, it does not mean you are bound to the outcomes of the readings.


Whether you choose an In-Person or Virtual Party they are Perfect for Family Night of Healing, Girls Night, Holiday Parties, Special Events, Birthdays, Corporate, Fundraisers & more!


Susan Shuster is a psychic medium in St. Louis, Missouri. Serving the St. Charles, O’Fallon, & St. Peters, MO areas.

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