Callin' all Cosmetic Reps!

Are you a representative for Mary Kay or another cosmetic line?

Looking for a Fun and Memorable way to present your Cosmetic products?
Looking to keep your clients engaged and a reason to return for more?
How about a Lipstick Reading Party?!

This is a great way to sample various lipsticks, lip glosses, and more. Lipstick Readings don’t take away from your sales, they add to it! Sell your product and then let the party begin!

They’ll be sure to tell all their friends how much fun they had buying from you! They’ll be sure to remember what their lipstick imprint said to me!


How does a Lipstick Reading Party work?

There are 2 options:
As the cosmetic representative, you may contact me to schedule and plan the party. You will confirm the party date, time and location. (Travel fees might apply) Pre-pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the party date/time. The remainder of party fee is due 24 hours prior to the party date. The party is booked under your name. All party fees are your responsibility.

As the cosmetic representative, have your Hostess contact me directly to schedule and plan the party. They will pre-pay the non-refundable deposit to secure the party date/time. I will discuss the details and requirements with the Hostess. You’ll handle your party details. I handle my portion of it and together we will create a memorable event for your clients all while having a great time!

How does it benefit me as a representative?
You can choose to build the lipstick reading party fees into your costs, offer it as a reward, contest, or bonus for your clients!

These marketing programs can assist building your clientele loyalty and potentially increase your revenue stream! Top Performers are creative – and this is pretty creative!

I will provide logos, images, and descriptions electronically to assist you in your marketing efforts on social media. I will take a pic at the end of the party for your use in your upcoming marketing efforts as well!

Grow your online audience and followers by providing compelling content, new concepts for parties and stand apart from your competitors!

Hello, I'm Susan!

Susan Shuster is a psychic medium for parties and special events in the St Louis area

Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping in.  I'm a multi-generational Psychic Medium serving the St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding areas.  I provide in-person or online readings and parties!  If you're too far for us to meet in-person that won't stop the party!

One of my favorite parties to offer is the Lipstick Reading - Kiss & Tell Parties!  The first time I had a Lipstick Reading, I smiled, giggled until I cried, was surprised this was even possible, felt understood, and ending up loving it.  I knew then I had to offer it to my clients.  Hope you love these lipstick readings as much as I do giving them!  Let's get together and have a party to remember!

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