Intuitive Business Mentorship with Susan

Looking for clarity and guidance in your business endeavors, growth, changes, or plans? Book a session with me and let’s see what Spirit has for you.


As a previous Business Coach, this inspirational Intuitive work tends to flow easily to me. I’ve always had a knack for business and love being an entrepreneur! I’ve been providing Business guidance during regular Psychic sessions for some time.

However, Spirit has nudged me to begin highlighting this work as an option for my clients. For those who are feeling the desire to start up a business, not sure what your next steps are, want to pursue your entrepreneurial nudges, or overcome obstacles that are holding you and your business back, then this is for you!

About Intuitive Business Mentorship

During these sessions, you can expect for Spirit to guide me in providing what you need at the time to help you. Some things that will unfold during the session may include steps toward manifesting your business, understanding a current issue at hand, who to avoid and who to welcome into your business dealings, understanding any obstacles, and sometimes what to do to move past them. I trust Spirit and will allow our session to be guided and lead by Spirit.

For those who have not yet started a business, this session may help you understand what area to focus on, where your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, sometimes offering a start to a business plan or business model! I’ve experienced these types of informational sessions with clients all lead by Spirit and my Intuition.

There are many others who need clarity and guidance in other areas of their small businesses or medium sized businesses. These sessions will focus mainly on the business and any blocks or directions you should take, people, partners, employees, etc. that you will encounter, or other assistance you need to achieve your goals.

Take an opportunity to book an Intuitive Business Mentorship session and let’s see what is in store for you and how you can get where you want to be!

Individual Sessions ala carte or package sessions available!