Psychic Energy Healing with Susan


During my psychic work, I also offer energy work. This is not Reiki, but instead, me using energy to achieve positive changes in your body/mind/or Spirit.

I can perform energy work virtually, over the phone, via video chat, etc. These distance healings are just as effective virtually as in-person. I will work with my Healing Guides who step forward to assist you while using me as a vessel to send energy to you for healing purposes.

About Energy Healing

Using energy work, can often help to positively impact or shift your physical, spiritual, or mental health and well-being. I will send energy to you and may combine the use of colors and light to assist me in helping you. Sometimes, this session may also include inspirational messages from my Healing Spirit Guides. You may or may not feel anything physically as I work on you. However, you may feel lighter, happier, less worried, as if you’ve let go of thoughts/emotions you once held onto or no longer experience a physical issue prior to the reading.

Typically, our physical issues have been manifested out of a variety of life experiences, thoughts, emotions, or situations. In this case, I may work together with clients to identify root causes of their physical issues. Then we would work together to help release what is no longer serving them. It may require additional work on the client’s behalf outside of the session to make progress.

I am only able to assist those who are open to allowing me to work with them and who truly have a strong desire for change and healing. If a client is resistant, then we may not find the success we hoped for. Clients are an integral part of the success and the process of healing. Clients must come with an open heart and an open mind and a desire for change. The responsibility of healing does not fall solely on me but instead is a team effort.

If there is too much resistance in a session, our chances for change or healing may be limited. However, all sessions are non-refundable past 10 minutes of session time.

Energy Healing Sessions are 30 minutes or 50 minutes, scroll down to book!


30 Minute Energy Healing


50 Minute Energy Healing