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Workshops, Psychic Circle, Tuning In 101, and 1 to 1 Mentoring with Susan

Beginning Mediumship Workshop

Learn How to Connect with Loved Ones who have Passed Away

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Would you like to better understand the mechanics of how to connect with the Spirit realm to communicate with those who have passed away?

Join us for this introductory workshop where we will meditate together to quiet the mind, understand our own energy and those in the Spirit world, and practice with others in this workshop to see what is possible.

This workshop is held online using Zoom.  This is a beginner's workshop only.

This workshop will allow you to understand some of the mechanics of how to use your energy, intention, and state of mind to learn how to connect in with those who have passed away.

Some of you may already be connecting in with Loved ones randomly.  Some of you may already feel the presence of your Loved ones.  This may assist in validating what you've been experiencing.  Learn how music can also assist you in connecting in to the other side.

ALL Beginners are Welcome!  This is NOT for Intermediate/Advanced students.

WHEN: Wednesday June 29th
TIME:  7 PM - 9 PM CST on Zoom

COST: $88

***Contact me if you'd like to join after June 28th***  The signup link here is a new link to pay.  Please place in notes when paying Beg Mediumship Wkshp and include all of your contact info



September 2022

Psychic Circle

Ready to Practice your Spiritual Gifts with Others?

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Would you like to deepen your Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumistic abilities in a Safe and Fun environment where you are supported?

Maybe you are looking for a way to keep your Spiritual gifts in shape but aren't certain how to achieve this.

Let's practice your natural Intuition together with exercises provided by me and watch it grow!

Join me in September for Psychic Circle - a practice environment online using Zoom with other students who are looking for a structured practice with exercises provided by me!  This is a development circle where ALL LEVELS WELCOME!  Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced

WHEN: Wednesday Nights
TIME:  7 PM - 8:30 PM CST on Zoom
DATES: Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th 2022

***Contact me if you'd like to join after September 6th***  The signup link here may no longer work but I will send you a new link to pay.


What to expect from Psychic Circle:


I provide the intuitive/psychic and some mediumistic exercises and you just show up!  I'll pair you up with another student to practice and receive validation to help you grow your confidence, accuracy, and speed.

We'll use breakout rooms on Zoom for these practices with partners and small groups.  So much FUN!

No Homework, just an Hour and half each week of Fun and no Pressure environment.  ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!  Ages 18+

Psychic Circle will continue through out the year, however, some months we will not offer Psychic Circle.  Stay Tuned for each upcoming month to participate.



Tuning in 101
Deepening your Intuition & more

Susan Shuster is a psychic medium for parties and special events in the St Louis area

Join me as we discover how to work with our natural intuition!

We will explore where it comes from, share and understand our experiences in a supported environment, meet with like minded individuals, learn how we can develop it, explore various tools and techniques, and finally practice with partner, group, and individual exercises in and out of the classroom.

This is a great foundational course preparing you for your Spiritual journey.
This course is ideal for beginners and some intermediate levels.

The next session starts FALL August 18th 2022.  This class will meet online using Zoom.


One on One Mentoring

FB one 2 one mentoring

If you are seeking an opportunity to take your Spiritual Development to the next level with the assistance of private and personalized sessions, then this is for you.

If you are prepared to do the work to reach your goals in your Spiritual Journey, then this is for you.